Saturday, June 26, 2010

VirtualBox networking between host & guest

When I first setup VirtualBox 3.2.4 to host Ubuntu 9.04 on Windows 7, I had a NAT network adapter selected and soon found that my host could not see the virtual guest and the NodeJS server I was running. So after Googling I found a great post that directed me to to use the Bridged Adapter that would request an IP address from my router and play as an equal member of my network and all was good... but then later I happened to be offline and since there was no central DHCP server, my host could not see my guest once again! A little more Googling and experimentation later I found that the best solution for me was to setup a second Host-Only Adapter set to the VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter. When the guest started I selected to enable the second adapter and so now my setup would work whether I was online or off! Yeah!!! :D

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